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Eagle Wash is the only company around that offers you a choice between cold and hot washing. We offer high-pressure power washing and low-pressure washing. Eagle Wash is fully licensed, and insured. We are proud to supply references from our satisfied customers.

As a business owner with a public place of business, you know that your image and your customers’ perceptions are everything. What people think about your business impacts their decision to patronize your store or visit your office. Having a clean building, inside and out, will make potential customers more inclined to do business with you.

Your business presentation begins when a customer arrives. Maintain a clean parking lot and keep the exterior of the building washed to ensure that prospects want to come inside for your perfect sales pitch. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this applies only to shopping centers and retail stores. A clean restaurant building, real estate office, or any commercial building will have the same effect on clients.


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If you have received a letter from your insurance company stating that they will cancel or suspend your policy unless you have your roof cleaned, we will work directly with you to ease this resolution process.

Eagle Wash has years of experience on dealing with these issues, and we will have all the necessary information and precautions for you to take in order to avoid the cancellation of your insurance. Call us today, and schedule your free estimate.

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Our professionally staffed office center is available to take your call or walk-ins Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. EST. We can review your proposal, answer basic questions about your project, or we can put you through to a person in the field who can. We can take and deliver messages.


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A Job Site Supervisor will be assigned to oversee your entire project from start to finish. Eagle Wash Division, Inc. will be on-site on your project full time and will work with you daily. They will be using tools developed during thousands of commercial and residential wash to make sure your project progresses smoothly.


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The person who prepared your Proposal is a trained Estimator. They have taken the necessary time to understand your needs and the requirements of your project and they have provided the details to you in a Proposal and a Customer Care Form.

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