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Washing Your Sidewalk & Driveway

When fresh concrete is laid it gleams white in the sun. When you look at your driveway or sidewalk what color is it? Truth is, over time rain, car traffic, foot traffic, and other factors stain your sidewalk and driveway. Scrubbing it by hand simply doesn’t provide enough power to clean deep in the surface of the concrete.

Washing your driveway or sidewalk can return these concrete areas to their former glory! Not only will they be clean but safer too as dirt, mud, mildew and mold (which are slippery) are removed!

Washing Your Deck Or Patio

Most people equate pressure washing with buildings or concrete. Truth is your deck can benefit in the same manner as other surfaces. Washing your deck can remove that weather look that wood, even treated wood, takes on after some time. Then a new stain can make your deck look brand new!

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