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Eagle Wash Mixing Chemicals

Mixing Products For One Batch Method

Everything you need to know about our chemical mixing.

Commonly referred to as mixology, the proper process of mixing cleaning solutions is important to set up in your cleaning project. Incorrect mixing of chemicals and even the order of the chemicals being added to the cleaning solution tank can result in injury.

Water, Bleach, and Jomax Solution

For use in cleaning these surfaces, painted surfaces, delicate surfaces, siding both wood or vinyl, screen enclosures, wood fences and decks, soffits, eaves, fascia strip, vinyl fences, and all other lightly stained surfaces. Add Water To The Tank First. (100 gallon tank example).

Water Bleach Jomax Cleaning Solution
3 1/4 quarts 2 1/2 cups 3/4 cups 1 Gallon
6 1/2 quarts 4 1/2 cups 1 1/2 cups 2 Gallons
4 Gallons 4 1/2 cups 1 1/2 cups 5 Gallons

Insurance Cancelations or suspensions

If you have received a letter from your insurance company stating that they will cancel or suspend your policy unless you have your roof cleaned, we will work directly with you to ease this resolution process.

Eagle Wash has years of experience on dealing with these issues, and we will have all the necessary information and precautions for you to take in order to avoid the cancellation of your insurance. Call us today, and schedule your free estimate